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"Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten"

HappySlim , new "thing" for the 2024 Spring fishing ?

Soon ! The New HappyHybrid for Perch

The unique tailbait now in smaller size perfect for perchfishing

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HappySlim , a new favorite?

ceck our big range of colours and sizes

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HappySlim 16

109 kr
In stock.

HappySlim 18

119 kr
In stock.

HappySlim 23

149 kr
In stock.

HappySlim 27

209 kr
In stock.

HappyHybrid 24

129 kr
In stock.

HappyHybrid 28cm

159 kr
In stock.

HappyHybrid 35

289 kr
In stock.
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The soft plastic we use its Phthalate Free

miniHappy 6.5 cm

Out of stock

miniHappy 8.5cm

Out of stock

miniHappy 11

Out of stock


Out of stock

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Wolfram Leader

29 kr
In stock.

Black Seed Cheburashka

29 kr
In stock.

Cheburashka Lemon

29 kr
In stock.

Cheburashka Orange

29 kr
In stock.

Small bait catches Big fish - HappySlim 18 cm

sometimes downsize is the trick

see here

HappySlim our New Big Pike bait!

find all sizes 16cm-18cm-23cm-27cm-35cm

find here

They are out there , you just need to use the right one!

try this

Don't forget to email us your catches or BONIbaits related pictures !

We will chose every month one picture that will get a goodie back with "Happy's".

[email protected]


see the colours

Perfect day !

With miniHappy 11cm

get yours

That last cast!