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"Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten"

HappyHybrid 28cm

  • 159 kr

In stock.
Article Number: 13

HappyHybrid is a unique tailbait , a combination between paddle and tail .

--Haveing this tail combination makes a lot of vibration and gives a good profile under the water .

Works good with just shallow screw but if you hold the rod top high up you cand fish it like a buzzbait .

-HappyHybrid its allready knowed between anglers from all Europe by having caught many pikes over 120 cm and with a top 3 of 16,4 kg -16,1kg-14,8 kg

 28 cm 88gr 

-recomendet stinger with 2 pcs 2/0 treble hooks  

-price is for 1 pcs

-The baits are handpoured and handpainted in Sweden